Monday, 29 March 2010

Skirt for Maria

The skirt is for Maria, the daughter of our friends in Crete.
Here it is then, the result of two days crafting. Beautiful material to work with, the lace edging around the bottom really set the skirt off and it hangs nicely. I have left the elastic waist band for Voula, Maria's mother, to adjust to the right size.
I'm hoping Maria likes the skirt as much as I've enjoyed making it, whilst at the same time practising using my new Brother sewing machine. I'm very pleased with that also.


  1. It looks lovely Beryl - I bet they'll be thrilled with it :)

  2. Yes Pat, I'm sure they will be pleased with it. I received a letter from Maria's mother today. They are always so appreciative for any gifts we send. I love sending gifts out to them.