Monday, 5 July 2010

New Computer

Hello. I've got a new computer and am pleased to say it's connected to the internet very happily. The problem now is I have to get used to Windows7 and all its new things. At present I'm yearning for the 'Old things' so I'm doing this on my old computer. Emails seem to be beyond me at present, on this computer, as BT keeps asking me for a password and won't respond to the one I give it.
I'll get there eventually.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Hot or What?

Would you believe it took two attempts to paint this picture and it's not one I particularly wanted to do! However I am pleased with this second attempt.
I normally use best quality watercolour paper which stays damp long enough for me to apply the washes and allows them to spread in evenly. My first attempt was on a very smooth surface paper, given to me by a friend, and it reacted very differently to the rough heavy weight paper I normally use. Another learning curve.... always use the best tools to produce the best results!