Sunday, 21 March 2010

Aladdin's Cave

There were a number of needlework and knitting materials I was needing for some of my craft projects. There is no local source for the items and it is difficult to purchase things like materials and cottons without actually seeing them. I had been told of a shop in Tiptree that carried a wide selection of resources, for every craft imaginable. It was a very wet afternoon, our plans to go into the garden were ruined so Dennis and I went off to find the Craft Shop.
What a sight for sore eyes it was, a crafter's treasure trove, the photo shows a selection of my purchases, lace and felt for more animals, dress material and a pattern as well as just two reels of cotton, for my armchair covers, from a display of hundreds of different colours and shades.
I really didn't want to come away from such an Aladdin's cave.


  1. Beryl, you're never going to fit into that pattern! :)
    Was the shop The Cheap Shop? I've heard that one is good!

  2. You never know with all the weight I'm shedding!

    Yes it was The Cheap Shop, an absolute delight for any crafters. I wish I'd found it years ago.
    It's no good for painter's wanting quality supplies though.