Sunday, 22 August 2010


This shows the first stage of the painting, with colours droppped into the main background colour having also added drops of clear water and salt.
I almost abandoned the painting after the first stage, as the colours appeared too vivid and dominant. Once the picture was dry however the colours were lighter and painting in the richer Anemone colours made the background recede even further. Steve Cook keeps telling me this is the case and this painting has proved him right yet again!!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The ruins at Fountains Abbey.

We enjoyed a wonderful day at Fountains Abbey earlier this year. I took many photo's, this picture being an interpretation from one of them. It's been ages in the painting and I am disappointed in some aspects of it. At least I have learnt a lot whilst painting it. It's displayed to prove that, at last, it is finished.

Monday, 9 August 2010

More military

World War 2 favourite....The Spitfire.
Model tanks.
Radio controlled medium sized model tank.
A real one, and what a cloud of dust that kicked up!!
This enormous vehicle, nick-named 'Little Chicken', did just one mile to the gallon, avoid following that up the motorway!!

Military Display

On Sunday Dennis and I went to see a Military Vehicle display in our local area. For part of his National Service he was out in Korea, with the Royal Army Service Corps. and we managed to buy a replacement cap badge for the one he'd lost (or I'd lost!!), also a black beret to display the badge when he goes on parade with the North East London Korean Vets. Association.
He was delighted to see this lorry, having driven a similar one whilst serving in Korea. Then double excitement when we saw the gun as he'd been responsible for a similar one, again in Korea.
The lorry is an AEC Matador.

Saturday, 7 August 2010


This is Maria, the daughter of Michalis and Voula, two very special friends who live in Crete. Maria is delighted to have had this little dog for her birthday, she calls her 'Boubou'.
The photo came from Voula today and at last I'm having to face up to posting things on my blog using this new computer.
Unable to find a system to reduce the size of photo's as yet!!!