Monday, 7 September 2009

Orchid first stage

I have always been particularly fond of Orchids and chose to wear a corsage of Orchids on my wedding day, many years ago. This year I've been feeding the Orchid plants weak tea, with great success. Three plants are in bloom and this is the first stage of my water colour interpretation of one of them. The plant has seven blooms but just three are used today.


  1. Excellent start. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

    You're feeding them weak tea? Is that brewed from the pot? It can't be the dregs once you've finished a cup can it - surely milk would disagree with them?

  2. Yes,use remainder of tea that's left in the pot, after the T-bag has also been beaten to death.

    Pour into the Orchid container and top up with tepid water. Submerge the plant-pot in that solution for about an hour. Tip away surplus water and return plant-pot to the container.
    I do this once each week during the summer.