Sunday, 27 September 2009

Contrasting Giraffes

Whilst drawing this Giraffe the other day I was reminded of another project which also included a Giraffe. It took many more hours to create than this little fellow!

This is a needlework sampler I made, as part of my City and Guilds course in Hand Embroidery, almost fifty years ago. It was based on cave drawing designs and included a wide variety of stitches.


  1. Beryl, I really love these. Both the painted giraffe and the needlework ones - they are stunning!
    You should really do a big watercolour of a giraffe - you've got a real affinity for them.
    I really can't believe you did the needlework one fifty years ago, you don't look or act old enough - unless you did it when you were 4 !