Sunday, 2 May 2010

A beautiful Weekend

It was a pleasure to re-visit Fountains Abbey after being away from Yorkshire for many years.
The weather was beautiful and we walked miles through the Abbey grounds, taking photographs as we went. I have one in particular I hope to use as an idea for a water-colour painting.


  1. What an interesting Abbey it looks to be. I am sure you have enough material for many paintings, Beryl. :)

  2. O.h, how lovely to see Fountains Abbey once more

    Like you Beryl I've visited and walked there on

    many occasions. Sadly, visits to Yorkshire are

    now very few and far between. Thanks for a

    lovely memory. Certainly looking forward to

    seeing the painting you have chosen to portray.


  3. Thank you Janet. I'm glad it held good memories for you.