Friday, 12 February 2010

Easter Chicks.

I have knitted these Easter Chicks, ready to give to my neighbours' children.
They are done using wool and knitting lace and are really very easy to make
and are just the right size to contain a  Cadbury's.Creme egg.


  1. Oh Beryl, they are gorgeous!
    Lucky children to receive these as presents!

  2. Easter ----- Those cup cakes made me salivate, very hard to tell the real McCOY!! yummie.
    Those little Easter Chicks are sooo cute Beryl,
    ( not so sure Cadbury's deserve such a splendid advert )
    Derelict Farmhouse
    I found hauntingly sad, but beautifully executed. I loved it.
    I agree Beryl, your Mother was very talanted. How fortunate you are to have inherited those genes, so it can still live on, for us to enjoy.
    Great Blog Beryl.
    J xx

  3. Thanks for your encouraging comments Janet.
    Beryl xx