Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sunset in the mountains. Stage 2

The mid-landscape has been added, using the wet-in-wet technique again.  It was too dry by rhe time I added the trees so didn't obtain the effect of them showing above mist.
Nor was I using the best quality watercolour paper,  Arches Aquarelle 140lb Rough, which would have given me more working time before it had dried.  The quality of the paper is such it will accept more water without buckling and is obtainable from: www.saa.co.uk  It's worth paying the extra for paper of this quality.


  1. Perhaps you could add in a clear water wash to regain the idea of mist, Beryl?

    Or do you think you'll try the whole thing again on Arches paper?
    I must say, unless I am drawing, its the only paper I use now. You can't beat quality.

  2. Thanks for the idea Pat but I don't think the paper was up to any more water treatment!!
    Also by this time I knew it was a just an exercise before doing the picture again.