Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cooper completed

The method was very strange and  I struggled with it at first.
I am happy with the finished picture and am very grateful to Pat for her support when I was ready  to give up.


  1. Anything new can be strange, Beryl - but you did really well with it. I'm glad you didn't give up, because you have a smashing painting to show for it!

  2. Thanks Pat. I'm hoping Sue likes it. It certainly looks like Cooper.

  3. Art is a very individual thing. Some people would love this, some wouldn't.
    The most important thing is you like it - and you learned something new with it :)

  4. What a lovely birthday gift for Susan, Beryl. I can see why she was so pleased with the paintings. Its the expression on Cooper's face that does it for me, it says so much. Two superb girls, by the looks of them. I now know why you enjoy their visits.
    Your garden looks really beautiful, the snow makes a magical picture.