Monday, 24 August 2009

A Project in Greens

There are a number of 'firsts' involved in this posting. This is the first time I've posted on the blog successfully, but after restarting about four times! My friend Pat has supervised me in the past and I forgot to follow part of her instructions. I'll get better, with practise.
This picture is my first water colour painting since I broke my leg...about six weeks ago!
Today is also a Red Letter day in my life as the plaster was removed today, freedom at last.
Well, slow freedom but again I'm getting there with the help of Dennis and Pat.


  1. I clicked on the pic to make it larger Beryl - and it springs to life! Gorgeous set of greenery. You should be very pleased with it.

    As for helping, blog or leg, its a pleasure :)

  2. Excellent study in greens, Beryl. I really like that. You should be proud of it.

    As for the help, blog or leg, my pleasure.