Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Feeding Birds

We take a keen interest in the birdlife in our garden, feeding the birds two or three times a day, throughout the year. This really brings rewards and our biggest success this year is the huge population of sparrows, a flock of about 40 birds. This is in a garden approx. 51ft wide and 110ft long.
My husband is a woodturner and he turned the'pods' you can see birds feeding from in the photo. There are also lots of other feeding stations in the garden, attracting a variety of birds.
In my eagerness to 'top up' all the feeders recently I tripped and fractured my kneecap so Dennis has taken over the feeding as well as looking after me!


  1. I clicked on the photo to enlarge it - and those pods with birds on top are just the sweetest things.
    Will have to get some for my garden. Do you put bread or seed or what in them?

  2. Definitely no 'or what', just small seed. I don't put any bread out due to it attracting rats!