Monday, 4 July 2011

My latest paintings

It is such a long time since I put anything new on my blog I've almost forgotten what I have to do.

Today finished a picture that I painted originally beside a river at 'The Moulin' whilst on holiday almost 6 years ago.  My painting skills have developed somewhat since then and I decided to paint the scene again.
This was my first attempt and I was very pleased with it at the time.

.....and here is the version I finished

I'm particularly pleased with hte improvement to the water also the depth of colour and the contrast in the light.


  1. Wow - you can see between these two photos, just how far you have progressed! Bravo xx

  2. The ballerinas are charming Beryl, I am urging
    her to get up and dance.

    I am sure you must be so pleased you didn't skip the art classes,you have now done them proud with the river ' mark two ' its brilliant. J xx

  3. Thanks Janet. Having had recent sucess I want to develop the 'loose' technique with my watercolours.