Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Red Letter Day

An exciting day, when playing golf with Dennis at Warley Park Golf Club I got a 'Hole in One' for the first time!!
Having started playing golf in 1980, in my opinion, it was long overdue.

For this miraculous achievement I used a five wood on the 7th hole on course two, a 167yd. par three hole. Unfortunately it won't go into the records as I wasn't playing in a competition, it was just for fun. Believe me it gave me great pleasure!


  1. Congratulations!
    Paint a picture of you holding the ball aloft - then that will remind you and make you smile :)

  2. Thanks Pat. Dennis will be making me a trophy to hold 'The Ball' so we may get a photo, a painting is doubtful!!

  3. Well done Beryl, what a wonderful and satisfying achievement, as I only just about know one end of a golf iron from the other, I believe all you described. I do however know what a 'Hole In One means' and find it hard to believe that anyone can actually perform that art. So congratulations again. I am also pleased that Dennis was there to share your joy.
    It sounds like an interesting holiday is on the horizon, I'm sure you will both enjoy it.
    looking forward to some photographs, or paintings.
    Love to you both,
    Janet xxxxxxx

  4. Thanks Janet, it really was very special for both Dennis and I.