Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Rusty Barges

I haven't been updating my blog as I got a new camera recently and have been getting to grips with that !! This was my first attempt at modifying a picture from the camera and it turned out quite well but has lightened some of the colours.

I always enjoy painting pictures of all kinds of boats. This picture of rusting barges, painted in one of Steve's classes, particularly appealed to me as they have such a lot of character.


  1. Very nice boat scene, Beryl. Well painted!

    So now, what's this new camera you've bought?

  2. I'm hoping to post lots of surprises from the new camera Pat, having been out with local Floral Art group to an old farmhouse today. Oooh!lots of lovely ideas for pictures. You know how long I take to get going though Pat, so don't hold your breath will you?