Wednesday, 14 April 2010

More of my garden

A flower bed, full of daffodils until this week, has been stripped out, dug over and had 6X mixed into the earth as a soil improver. You will see, from these photo's of the newly planted bed, how sandy our soil is.

I have planted a variety of perennials of varying heights in the bed now and trust that the application of bone meal will help them mature and bloom later in the season. It's up to me now to ensure they are watered regularly. Thank goodness for having four full water-butts!


  1. Sterling work, Beryl!
    and four water butts - we know where to come when there's a shortage :)

  2. what a beautiful garden page Beryl. So nice to see the spring flowers. Also to have enough room for a wild garden, beautiful. Fritillaries are one of my favourites, but as you mentioned, lily beetles also find them attractive, they always ruin mine. If anyone else has mentioned this I do apologise Beryl, but unless I am missing something,(and you would be wise to check), I believe the photograph shows a Cowslip and not Coltsfoot. I am not trying to be a know all, heaven forbid
    but I know you wouldn't wish to give a wrong identification incase Alan Tichmarsh is a reader of your interesting blog.
    Please post photographs of the new boarder when its in full bloom.
    Janet xxx

  3. Thanks Janet, you are right of course, I hadn't noticed my mistake, I'll edit it. Glad you enjoy looking at my blog, I appreciate you keeping an 'eye on things'.
    Of course I'll post views of the garden, as the flowers develop.