Monday, 21 December 2009

Rustic Bridge

I seem to be taking ages over this picture but here it is again, having added more trees and given depth to the foliage.


  1. Its coming on nicely, Beryl.
    There's no rush on should be enjoyable and finished when its done :)

  2. Yes Pat!! But thanks for your encouragement!!

  3. I'm sure there'll be time over the Christmas break for the odd swish of the brush or two... at least, that's what I am hoping for :)

  4. Me too Pat. Looking forward to it.

  5. As you probably remember Beryl, I have had Tamasine here for ten days, so, Blog reading was delayed. What a lovely surprise to see your most attractive page, the lighted village scenery is magical. I am sorry I didn't open up now, as T. would have loved it also. I am very impressed with your Bottle and Wine Glass
    sketch, the fallen wine glass is most apt for this time of year !! I do not know how you artists draw glass, and make it look so real,well done. The Peacock looks a promising subject Beryl, I look forward to seeing it posted. I loved the page, and all its inclusion.
    Enjoy your Christmas painting, or does that go without saying ?
    Love Janet xx

  6. Thank you for your generous comments Janet, I'm only sorry I lost your first entry, needing you to repeat it. I hadn't thought it would entail such a lot of typing. Beryl xx