Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Old Yew Hedge at Holme Lacy

Here is my completed picture of the hedge at Holme Lacy. I honestly didn't think it would ever be finished. I was happy with the early stages and then lost confidence in my ability to do the foreground without spoiling the whole thing.
As it turns out I am pleased to have persevered as I'm really very happy with the end product.
My next subject will be less of a challenge.


  1. Outstanding!
    I bet this one stays with you and goes on your wall. It should do!

  2. Your 'Hedge' Beryl is stunning. I love it.
    I still want to HUG it, and sit amongst its foliage.( mad woman ) As I have mentioned to you before I've seen its like in one of our
    Stately Home gardens, and for me you have captured the ambience, as well as a superb painting. It soooo deserves to be displayed, just as your friend Pat has suggested, on a wall, A.S.A.P.
    Janet xx